Gabe and the Golden Potato | Valve boss Gabe Newell autographed this golden potato (both his signature and "Spaaaaaaaaace!" above it) for Kotaku reader Rodger A., who won a virtual golden potato during the Portal 2 ARG release event. As he already had all the games in the Valve Complete Pack awarded to Golden Potato winners, he emailed to ask for a real one, autographed by Gabe, and lo and behold he got one this week in the mail.

The Cosplaying Ladies of the Tokyo Game Show

Saturday is the day the cosplayers come out to play at the Tokyo Game Show, crowds flocking to the walkways between the show's exhibition halls to see some of the world's best video game costume makers (and wearers) in action. More »


The PS Vita's Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Looks Marvelous

Not only does Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 do fighting games just fine on the PS Vita, it also looks great. More »


Why Japan Never Got Rock Band

Rock Band exploded in North America. In Europe. In Australia. It didn't in Japan. There must be a reason for that. There is. The game was never released in Japan. There must be a reason for that. There are—several. More »


NBA 2K12 is not a "Roster Update"—and That's the Problem

Roster update. In sports video games, it's not a selling point as much as it is a term of abuse, one that implies that accurate rosters in annual titles have almost no value to a discerning video gamer. Well, in a couple of weeks, we may find out how important this baseline expectation really is. More »


Japan's Wildest Gaming Designer Wanted To Be in America's Wildest Game

If Tomonobu Itagaki, the hard drinking cigarette smoking game designer behind Devil's Third, were a video game, he'd be Saints Row: The Third. No wonder he wanted to lend his voice to the game. More »


A Three-Minute Look at THQ's Avengers, Disassembled

THQ's big-time bloodletting back in August meant the end of its Brisbane, Australia studio and scuttled the publisher's planned video game adaptation of The Avengers. Evidently those who were involved with the project can't take no for an answer; footage of the game in its pre-alpha state released last week and was immediately smashed by YouTube. Now another video has leaked out. More »

Last night on a lark, my pal Scott and I paid a $5 cover to see a couple local heavy metal acts. In the bar downstairs, Scott challenged a guy to an arm wrestling match and lost. Upstairs was nonstop hardcore metal, screeching vocals, double-bass drums, shirtless bassist-and two kids, not a day over eight years old, running around the pitifully sparse crowd. I guess mom and dad couldn't get a sitter for them. At least they were wearing heavy ear protection.–Owen Good


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