The God Of War Brings His Quick Time Events To Mortal Kombat

If there was any doubt that God of War's Kratos was a good fit for the PlayStation 3 version of Mortal Kombat, this trailer crushes them brutally. He's a perfect fit, right down to the button-mashing quick time events.


Netherrealm Studios treats Kratos like the god he often is in his cameo in next month's Mortal Kombat. Many of his signature weapons are intact, from the iconic Blades of Chaos to the Bow of Apollo. Even the Nemean Cestus is represented, making painful contact with his opponent's face.

But Kratos' best moves don't occur in real time. They happen in quick time, flowing according to timed button presses. Imagine the humiliation of forcing your opponent to sit there while you idly poke his life away, one PlayStation 3 controller button at a time.


The more I see, the more I can't wait for April 21.

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God of war 3 already had a Mortal Kombat like stage fight with Zeus boss fight near the end .. it showed clearly that Kratos is made for that type of game ... he just found his 2nd home .. better than fading away in the shadows of retirement after destroying Olympus XD