To: Bash
From: Crecente
Re: What Are Your New Year's Plans?

I published our list of game of the year nominees today. The list seemed to have a fairly positive reception, though there was some griping about games that didn't make this list or that. No one seemed too worked up about the fact that the list was not segmented by console, which seems to affirm that we took a step in the right direction this year around.

I'll be preparing the finalist list tonight and getting the writers to send in their votes for the winners. I'm hoping to post that final list on January 2.


As for New Year's Eve. I don't typically celebrate it. Of all of the holidays we have it seems the most made up, or at least overwrought of the lot. I'm all for taking the changing of the year to reflect on the good and the bad and to prepare for better the following year, but going out and getting hammered doesn't seem like the best way to do that.

I know, so unlike me, huh?

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