The Glory Of Being Hit With A Blue Shell At The End of A Mario Kart Race

You’re about to cross the finish line. Suddenly, a spiky blue shell starts hovering over you. Now, there are ways to avoid getting hit by the world’s most annoying item, but in that moment, there is only tunnel vision for the goal in front of you.


We’ve all been there, yeah?

Sometimes, you let that god damn blue shell hit you. Because it can’t stop you. Sometimes, a blue shell only makes taking first all the more sweet, as you’ll see in this clip by daydreams-at-midnight. You’ll want to watch with sounds, as they suggest:



Another Mario Kart 8 Deluxe clip I really enjoyed recently was this cathartic first-place win by Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller, who gets hit by five red shells, lightning, AND the blue shell right before the finish line. But none of that stops Miller from winning the prize:


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Never liked the Blue Shell. It just feels cheap with no upside. If I’m leading the whole race, someone in 8th shouldn’t just be able to affect (only) me from a whole lap away.