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Will the Earth ever be free of the giant insect alien menace of the purposefully-schlock Earth Defense Force series? God, I hope not. D3Publisher just made Earth Defense Force 5 for the PlayStation 4 official. It has a giant frog soldier in it.

A guilty pleasure to those who play it and an ugly mess to those who don’t, the Earth Defense Force series started life as a throwaway budget title for the Japanese PlayStation 2 and . . . well, I was going to say grew into something much better, but not really. Over the course of multiple games spanning multiplae hardware generations, it’s pretty much stayed the same. The animations are horrible, the voice acting is the worst, and the gunplay is sloppy, but somehow it all comes together into the perfect B-movie gaming experience.


Teased by D3Publisher earlier this month, Earth Defense Force 5 continues the grand tradition on Japanese PlayStation 4 next year. At this point I imagine the developers have to actively work to make games so horrible that they’re great.


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