To celebrate the 1,000th episode of G4's Attack of the Show, Nerf Herder front man Parry Gripp composed this stirring ode to the brave women of video game retail.

While I know Parry from his time with Nerf Herder, with songs like "New Jersey Girl" and "Van Halen" holding special places in my heart, the slightly younger generation knows him as the man behind countless ridiculously catchy YouTube jingles, from "Do You Life Waffles?" to my personal favorite, "Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom". In the video for "The Girl at the Video Game Store", Parry is joined by AotS female host Olivia Munn as the titular girl, with a rather impressive turn at the drums by the show's male host, Kevin Pereira. I am extremely glad they didn't mix those two up, though I am sure Kevin has a very attractive midriff.

The song itself? Despite some painfully forced lines ("At Tekken she'll kick your ass?" Thanks, Yoda), Gripp's signature infectious melodies are firmly in place, and I've been humming the damn thing all day. I hate you, Parry Gripp.

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