The Giant Prinny And The Prinnymobile

Last night in San Francisco NIS America held a special party for their upcoming PSP game Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero?, featuring a giant drunken Prinny and the incredibly sexy Prinnymobile.

G4 has several photos of the giant Prinny in the wild, ordering drinks, bothering marketing executives, and just generally doing the sort of things Prinnies are apt to do when lacking the proper, scantily clad demoness authority figure. Eventually they got the rogue creature under control using the time-tested method of tearing apart its body and stuffing it in a giant garbage bag.


Speaking as Kotaku's biggest Disgaea fan, the only thing I crave more than my own giant Prinny costume is the Prinny-branded Toyota Scion parked outside the event.

Hit up the link below for 16 more photos of the misbehaving undead bird creature.

Prinny Attacks San Francisco, Gets Drunk, And Tries To Escape In Toyota Scion [G4 X-Play]

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