The GC Adventure Comes To A Close

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The magical Games Convention adventure has come to a close, and the Kotaku Mike Brigade have gone their separate ways, McWhertor traveling deeper into the wilds of Germany while I myself am only 13 hours worth of layover and a 9 hour plane ride away from U.S. Customs, which means I might get home by Friday if they don't open my luggage and discover I've replaced most of my clothes with gummi candy and beer. I am desperately fighting the urge to queue up Semisonic's "Closing Time" in my Zune here. Just because our journey is over doesn't mean the coverage is over, so check out our Leipzig round up to see what you missed, and stay tuned tomorrow for more posts from the GC!


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Mike Fahey

I always mention my Zune not because of a deep seated love for Microsoft, but because Crecente is constantly ribbing me about getting a Zune instead of an iPod touch or something. Telling me how cool his games are, etc. He's so mean.