The GBA And GameCube...Still...Function!

The Game Boy Advance and GameCube. Relics of Nintendo's early 21st century efforts. Purple, plastic-looking consoles that, for all their strengths, were the company's flagship devices during the "dark days". With the Wii and DS on the scene nowadays, and printing all kinds of cash money, they're dead machines, yes? Gone, no further need for them, thanks for the memories, right? WRONG. They LIVE. Nintendo's quarterly earnings show that, while they're hardly raking in the big bucks, both consoles are still selling units and still making money well into 2008. While nobody in Japan, Europe, Asia or Australia bought a new GameCube between April and June, somewhere, somehow, 40,000 Americans did. As for the GBA, well, none were sold in the US, but globally, 180,000 of them found new homes. 180,000! If you ever wonder why Nintendo have never publicly proclaimed the death of the little handheld, that's probably why.


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