The Gaming Headset For Every Platform

Astro Gaming, the creators of the lovely yet pricey A40 Audio System, now introduce the (also pricey) A30 Cross-Gaming Headset, a headset compatible with just about anything you'd want to play a multiplayer game on.


I own too many gaming headsets. I have one for the PC, one for the 360, a Bluetooth for the PlayStation 3, a DS headset I've never opened, and another for the PSP. If only I had one solution that would work for everything. If only I had an Astro A30 Cross-Gaming Headset.

Available for purchase now via the Astro Gaming website, features the same inner workings as the A40 McWhertor got a kick out of; a dual mic system, with a boom for gaming and an in-line mic for mobile phone communication; connectivity with the A30 MixAmp; and enough connectors to ensure compatibility with your PlayStation 3, 360, PC, iPhone, Nintendo DS, and PSP.

In short, it's every headset you need.

Of course such convenience comes at a price. The headset alone retails for $149.95, and a set with the MixAmp will run $229.95, but the quality is rather amazing, and the convenience is nearly priceless.


Again I stress: nearly priceless.

It's exactly what I need to consolidate my headset collection, but at that price? I'm not so sure. Would you spend $150 on a headset that connects to everything?

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