GAF user Feep popped into his local GameStop the other day. Shit had changed. Gone was the usual late-90s decor and oppressive smell of plastic and musk. In was a brighter future.

This pic shows the GameStop in Gainesville, Florida. As you can see, it's huge. As you can see, it's spacious. And as you can see, it has touch-screen displays (allowing you to check stock levels yourself), demo pods, two separate counters and a freakin' timber floor inlay.

Apparently this is a "prototype" store, a test-run of the GameStop of the future. Looks good! Now all we need is an overhaul of most (not all, most) of the chain's staff, and we're all set.

So, apparently, my town has a "prototype" Gamestop [NeoGAF]