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Geekpulp is reporting unofficial word that The Gamesman, New Zealand's largest independent gaming store ("100 percent Kiwi-Owned!"), will be consumed by the EB Games empire and rebranded. This comes on the heels of Kiwi-run GamesPlus, which also caved in last year.


It's a blow to Kiwis who take pride in local ownership and believe that retailing games and consoles isn't a job so complex only American multinational corps get to do it. As far as actual economic impact, Geekpulp says Gamesman staff have been told no job losses are planned. However, there are eight stores in five cities, all of whom also have EB stores. So it's inevitable that some will close down the line. Not happy news for our gamer friends in New Zealand.

The Gamesman Set to be Acquired by EB Games [Geekpulp, thanks Ahmad]

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