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Last month I blogged about my colleague's blog, The Gamer's Girl. At the time, her project was aimed at the girlfriends of gamers, but now it looks like she's broadened her blogging horizons.


This week's featured article is on how a Gamer can meet a Gamer's Girl. Magic insight: every girl a gamer meets has the potential to become a gamer's girl!

Right, it's not rocket science — you want to meet a girl, you've got to go out and actually introduce yourself and stuff. But Jill's article takes the insight one step father with some advice on how to identify a girl with the right qualities to become a gamer's girl:

A little on the goofy side with some quirks.
You'll want her to have a sense of humor, of course, but you'll also want her to giggle and shout "The Cat is MINE!" when she plays Katamari for the first time.

An understanding and need to plan for the inevitable zombie apocalypse.
*Optional, but a huge plus.

Go check it out if you plan on hitting the mall/bar/place where you go to meet people this weekend.

How to Meet a Gamer's Girl [The Gamer's Girl]

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