The Gamer's Girl Gives Dating Advice To Gamers

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Last month I blogged about my colleague's blog, The Gamer's Girl. At the time, her project was aimed at the girlfriends of gamers, but now it looks like she's broadened her blogging horizons.


This week's featured article is on how a Gamer can meet a Gamer's Girl. Magic insight: every girl a gamer meets has the potential to become a gamer's girl!

Right, it's not rocket science — you want to meet a girl, you've got to go out and actually introduce yourself and stuff. But Jill's article takes the insight one step father with some advice on how to identify a girl with the right qualities to become a gamer's girl:

A little on the goofy side with some quirks.
You'll want her to have a sense of humor, of course, but you'll also want her to giggle and shout "The Cat is MINE!" when she plays Katamari for the first time.

An understanding and need to plan for the inevitable zombie apocalypse.
*Optional, but a huge plus.

Go check it out if you plan on hitting the mall/bar/place where you go to meet people this weekend.

How to Meet a Gamer's Girl [The Gamer's Girl]

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Rachel Fogg

Alrighty, I read this last night and was too drunk to answer it cohesively....

So here it goes,

How to meet a gamer girl? What is this I don't even...

We're OUT THERE! WE'VE ALWAYS BEEN OUT THERE! What the ell, you'd think we've been wearing camo all this time...oh wait, this applies only to the 'hot' gamer girls, my bad...totally forgot about that. Because we didn't exist until the Wii apparently...

Where's my 'How to meet gamer guys?' because, you know, I've met woefully few hot ass male gamers....

Is it THAT important that your girl games? REALLY? Is that the secret to a happy relationship because I have plenty of girl gamer friends that don't have happy relationships with their partner who games.

Dating for gamers isn't some mysterious thing, when people hook up you find out interests that the other has, it's a simple as that. But the question is if your girl has gamer potential or you should look for the girl that games? It really doesn't matter...

Relationships are about mutual understanding and respect, individual growth that leads to mutual growth. Your girl games, so what, what else does she do and do you want a girl who's IN to games as obsessed as you are? Because then that could lead to gaming is the single thing holding your relationship and that's not buena.

When you go out to date, you should go out with more then she has to be my co-op buddy on your mind, what's her personality, her maintenance (believe me...this is important.) what are her interests and is she open to new things. Yes, if she's attractive to you is kinda important (because we're ALL like that..) but you can date a hot stupid clingy broad over the plain chick that has alot more going for her. And then what are you left with...(I've SEEN it and it's not's kinda sad too.)

Dating is fun for finding out the potential of a friend, a lover, or a husband and's no different then if you're looking for a sports girl or a anime fan.

You're looking for a mate but you have to set your expectations realistically, be prepared to not snag the 'Megan Fox' uber gaming babe (they exist but don't only hold your vision of a gaming girl on hotness alone...just like dating any other girl, especially if you're not looking like a 10 yourself...)

I play games alot, I don't date because I'm ridiculously busy..:sobs: but whenever I go out to chillax, I chat up with a guy. I might mention a game or two randomly and he perks up...then we converse about the latest gaming news and have a good time and if he's lucky he can be my 2nd player for the night...;)

So thanks for the tips, but no thanks..sorry if it's rambly, still getting sober.