A Blog For The Ladies... Who Date Gamers

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A former co-worker of mine started a blog for girlfriends of gamers. I'm hoping she'll expand the scope — but for now, I get to be both her target audience and her audience's target.


The Gamer's Girl is supposed to be a place for girlfriends of gamers to commiserate about their gamer-dating-related woes and advice. The blog's author, Jillian, says she definitely does not want it to turn into another "gamer boys suck" blog.

"I'm not into gamer bashing," she said. "While it focuses on the Girl - it's very much Gamer friendly, too."

For example, she points to an article titled "The Gamer's Widow" that offers tips for gamers to keep their significant other from resenting or interrupting game time needlesly — lilke setting aside half an hour right when you get home from work to lavish affection on your partner before switching on the Xbox 360.

"[My fiancé] actually starting taking those 30 minutes when he got home to spend with me before hoping on the game. It was awesome."

Jill's looking for more contributors to join her blog — and hopefully she'll get some article in there written from the perspective of someone like me who is both gamer and oftentimes girlfriend of gamer. Hit her up if you have any ideas.

The Gamer's Girl
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Rachel Fogg

Wow...um, okay,

If you're dating a gamer boy, then really...you should know what you're up against when you're dating him? That's what I see...

I mean, as a girl that plays games I would like to find a guy that plays games too so we can coop on things or chat about games.

But if you're going out with a guy that likes to play Madden or whatever, then shouldn't you...I don't know...discuss that before starting a relationship? I can tell you this, annoying a fellow during a game is just going to end in him A) Not listening to you or B) Screaming/annoying crap.

If a guy comes home from a long day of work and he wants to play a couple of hours of game, let him relax and then talk about shit later. (If he works all day and comes home, not if he's a lazy ass and doesn't work...then you kick that sonnvabitch out the door...j/k)

Give a man a break, a lot of times I see these 'gamer girlfriends' complain because their boyfriend is spending too much time with the system instead of catering to her..

Your best advice is to at least try to understand the hobby and try out a game or two, the Wii is ideal for this. If you can find some understanding in the hobby that might give you some bonding time with your mate.

It's a give or take thing, you can't try to take away gaming and replace it with yourself because then if your man becomes too clingy to you then what?

I dunno...we girls are strange....