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"The Gamer" T-Shirt is Beautiful, Will Also Haunt My Nightmares

Illustration for article titled The Gamer T-Shirt is Beautiful, Will Also Haunt My Nightmares

Creating a memorable shirt design can be difficult, but this one will stick with me for a long time. Whether I want it to or not.


"The Gamer," a hairy creation by powerpig, shows us that gaming is not just skin deep. Look deep into his d-pad eyes and see into the eyes of madness. Or maybe it's just an awesome gamer image, either way. Love it or find it creepy, it's a compelling image. "The Gamer" is currently being sold on The Yetee, who only keep up new designs for 96 hours, so the clock is ticking. You don't want to disappoint...the Gamer.

"The Gamer" T-Shirt [The Yetee]

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