The Game You're Paying For Before It's Even Out

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Interstellar Marines is a video game unlike your standard sci-fi shooter. Instead of being backed by a publisher, its developers are instead taking money from fans now, who will get the game when it's done.


Zero Point Software, the indie developers behind the game, believe it's the best way to go about getting a quality, polished, seemingly "AAA" (as opposed to a clearly "indie" title like, say, Minecraft) game into player's hands without having to worry about a big publisher giving them orders (and taking a big cut of the profits).

The project has been around for years - and I've sadly just noticed we've written nothing on it previously, hence the brief above - with those brave enough to contribute money now rewarded with access to the gradual release of playable sections of the game, in the form of tutorials, multiplayer levels, new weapons, etc.


You can catch a new trailer for the game below, which while doubling as a dreaded developer diary, actually does a good job of fleshing out the studio's radical funding method.

If this all looks neat, some sections of the game are playable and free to all-comers, and you can access them at the link below.

[Interstellar Marines]

Illustration for article titled The Game Youre Paying For Before Its Even Out

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Luke Plunkett

I didn't want to say it in the post, because I dig what they're trying here, but...running crowd-sourcing to avoid publisher interference then making a game marines is...yeah.