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Super Scribblenauts, out yesterday, contains more words than its decidedly wordy predecessor. How many words is that? Try about 33,000. And here they all are!


Pikimal went fishing in the game code and came up with a list of the roughly 24,000 objects, along with the 9000 or so adjectives to go with them.

The list is too long to paste, or even compile into an image, but you can download them at the links below. Do keep in mind we've found at least one word in this list that isn't in the game, so we're not sure how entirely accurate it is.


Super Scribblenauts Objects
Super Scribblenauts Adjectives

Every Damn Word in Super Scribblenauts [Pikimal]

Corrected to the right total number and removed the reference to Sambo which, despite being shown in this list, isn't actually in the final game.

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