The Game That You’ve Been Waiting Years For Is Finally Out Today…

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And it’s not Grand Theft Auto V.

It might be hard to remember on days like these but not everyone who loves to play video games is interested in GTA V. Some people either can’t or won’t play the latest entry in Rockstar’s blockbuster bad-behavior series. (PC gamers, you can put your hands down now.) And so it is that there are other games coming out today, from publishers who are either ornery or stupid enough to go up against what’s sure to be one of the year’s best-selling games.


The strategy is called counter-programming and you see examples of it in Hollywood all the time. It’s the kind of thinking that pits a quieter documentary like 20 Feet from Stardon against a mass-market superhero special effects movie like Man of Steel. The people who are all hyped up for one will probably skip the other, or so studio executives hope.

So what are the games being thrown out there to counter-program GTA V? Glad you asked.


MechWarrior Online

GTA V’s packed with all sort of things to do. Tennis. Planes. Stock trading. Tanks. But, as far as we can tell right now, there are no giant walking robots to pilot around or above Los Santos. If you want those kinds of showdowns, then you should know that MechWarrior Online is also out today.

Hot Wheels: World’s Best Driver

Many reviews are citing the improved driving as a great part of GTA V. But this game says it’s going to make you the World’s Best Driver. Look at those ramps. Look at those giant, glowing neon truck wheels. Who needs French retailers that sell games early? This is a game that lets you drive up walls! And it’s on Wii U and 3DS! Rockstar can’t say that about GTA V (yet)!


Snarky humor aside, Grand Theft Auto V isn’t a game for everyone. Very young or easily offended folks probably shouldn’t play it without a sense of what they’re getting into. Thanks to the bravery of WB Games and Infinite Game Publishing, folks can walk into a game store today and get something else. All those responsible, hold your heads high. The parents and mech lovers of the world salute you.

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The Game That You've Been Waiting Years For Is Finally Out Today...

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