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The Game That Amazed Us The Most At PAX East: Quadrilateral Cowboy

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Kotaku video editor Chris Person and I are not thieves, but if there was one game we'd like to have absconded with last weekend at the PAX East show in Boston, it was Quadrilateral Cowboy. Watch the video, and you too might be considering a brief flirtation with crime.

Quadrilateral Cowboy creator Brendon Chung describes the game as "a cyberpunk hacking game set in the 1980s." Sure. The game he's making is a computer game meant to be played on PC, Mac or Linux. In the real world, that means you're playing with a mouse and keyboard. And in the game? It's a first-person adventure. You are infiltrating places with the help of an in-game laptop. You type command lines into the laptop to turn off lasers, unlock doors and so on. You can see Chung do that in the video above.

Chung said this is an early level in the game, and he's actually playing it the most basic way. Chris and I were told by another game developer, one who, like us, is smitten with the game, that you can speedrun Quadrilateral Cowboy's levels by typing in all the command lines you'd need in the level right at the start. Type as fast as you can. And then run like the devil. So cool.


Quadrilateral Cowboy is slated for release by year's end from Blendo Games.