"The game still needs a lot of work." That's how one person who finally managed to get their hands on a working version of the mysterious fighting game Death Cargo described it in a note to me this morning. "It's not too bad...like a buggy version of Mortal Kombat 1," is how another put it.


Questions of quality aside, it's worth noting that a small number of the many people who've been contacting since I first went in search of Death Cargo are now starting to tell me that yes, they have managed to play the game. One player was able to provide footage, which I link to above.


Last week, I noted that I still haven't been able to get into the game. Not much has changed since then on my end. But now that I've heard from several players affirming that it is available for them, I'm going to revisit the issue and will update my report if appropriate.

As always, please email me at yannick.lejacq@kotaku.com if you have anything to share about your Death Cargo experience.

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I don't understand why you (or perhaps just Kotaku as a whole) continues to give this game exposure. The developers lied to potential customers; that much has been covered already. But at this point it's just free advertising for them, even though they seem to be quite a shady company.