The "game" in this trailer, Delirium, isn't actually a game. You can't play it, and you probably never will play it. So why is there a trailer?

It's the work of three students - Edgard Ortega, Connor McCampbell and Gudjon Larusson - whose senior thesis project involved constructing a mock video game trailer.

The onus here being how well three students could build the stuff, not how well they could frame a trailer.

They obviously lose marks for building the entire thing out of "in-game" visuals, as well as not including either pre-rendered CG or real actors.

They gain marks because if Tool and Bonnie Tyler ever needed to collaborate on a song, this is the video for it.


In addition to the trailer itself, the guys also came up with a complete pitch for the game, including lore and "screenshots". You can check out the whole thing below.

Delirium [Polymath]