The "Game Gun" Guy As Lovable As He Is Crazy

Meet the "Game Gun" guy. He's stuck an LCD screen and some motion controls to a plastic gun, creating the PC Game Gun. He is crazy.


But crazy in a good way. Yes, he's creepy, awkward, a little too off-centre. But there's a boyish enthusiasm for his craft underpinning the whole thing. Like Loius from Ghostbusters. Only with a mullet.

[via Rock, Paper, Shotgun]



I donno whats so great about these "new" motion control systems in video games. It all started with the sorry excuse for a everyone's trying to mimic it, be it ms, sony or in this case an enthusiastic amateur.

While it is rather impressive work, do we really wanna play games like that? Improvement upon his work would be the obvious: make it wireless, make the screen a tad bigger and lighter (OLED comes to mind), and then play in a location big enough to warant all the waving about... ... then the most obvious question would come: would anybody wanna play a game like that?

what happend to SITTING infront of a TV/screen like a bum and press buttons/keyboard & one can relax and enjoy a game. If I really wanted to bowl, or play tennis, I would go to a bowling alley or tennis court...if I really wanted to shoot mutant mind controled soldiers I would buy a real gun and infiltrate some evil toys R us. Sure with this I don't get the real life consequences of getting shot, but then again you don't get the real life consequences of shooting people either.

Next step: emulate Gears of War on it and have little CO2 pumps at the side of the weapon pointed at you filled with blood, so everytime you chainsaw people you get the pleasant effects of blood splattering all over you.