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The Game For Anyone Who Ever Wanted To Be A Sky Pirate

A prototype version of Pirates of New Horizons, the game that gave us vivid Skies of Arcadia flashbacks a few weeks back, is now available for download.

It's like the old shareware days from games like Doom; the developers have put out a short game as a proof of concept, and if enough people dig it to pay for it, then they can release something a little more full-featured.


The game is built on the Unity engine, meaning it'll run on both PC and Mac, as a standalone or in a browser. It feels a little...slidey, but I'm a big fan of the bright, bold art style. You can check out a playthrough of the game below.

(Apologies for the crummy sound, but we've been having one hell of a time with our video setup today)


[Pirates Of New Horizons]

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