Hideo Kojima? Crazy guy. When the Metal Gear Solid creator was working on his cyber-punk title Snatcher, he wanted to bring realism to player's computers with more than graphics or storytelling. He wanted the odor of blood.

Snatcher was released in 1988 for the NEC PC-8801. In a recent tweet, Kojima reveals that he had an idea for the "smell project". The game's floppy would be coated with paint that carried the odor of blood. The heat from the computer would then cause the paint to melt, releasing what Kojima calls "the stench of a murder scene".

The original version of Snatcher were released on floppies and were entirely text-based. Later versions were released on CD-Rom and featured voice acting. Sadly, the "blood plan" stayed in the brainstorming phase as everyone at Konami was against the idea.


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