The Galvanizing Glory Of The Baldur's Gate Theme Music

Just listen to it. Listen to that puppy. That groove in five, that sinister melody. The way it pushes you, onward. Onward to the character creation screen!

In just a couple short months, we'll get to play the enhanced edition of Baldur's Gate. That's extra good news for me, because I played more Baldur's Gate II than Baldur's Gate, and my dark secret is that I've never finished either game. (That will changes soon.)


And remember, Mass Effect composer Sam Hulick has written some new music for the extended edition, including a main theme, an area track and three combat tracks. Nice.

And hey, since the same company is making an enhanced edition for Baldur's Gate II, let's listen to that as well:

Equally great, though more triumphant and less dark. Either way… man. I'm going to be doing a lot of retro RPG-ing this fall.

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I wonder if they plan on using the old AD&D 2nd edition rules as the original game did or plan on completely redoing the game engine with the current ruleset, or something completely different still...