The Future Of Video Game Hair: A Hilarious Shampoo Commercial

NVIDIA HairWorks is a cool and interesting piece of tech that already exists in games, but you probably never use it, because it absolutely kills performance (hi, Witcher 3). Still, development and progress continues, and here’s what you can do with HairWorks’ version 1.1 when you don’t have to worry about things like in-game framerates.


It looks, well, luxurious! This is 500,000 strands of individual hair flicking and tossing around like a bad shampoo commercial, in which NVIDIA is selling graphics cards containing herbal extracts and jojoba.

The clip isn’t technically an ad, though; NVIDIA is just promoting it. It’s actually some portfolio stuff from 3D artist Tarkan Sarim, who has worked for companies like WETA.

Here’s another video showing the hair swishing with some lighting effects added in.


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