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With LittleBigPlanet’s servers just now getting up and running Media Molecule has plenty on their hands to deal with. But they’ve also already started thinking about what they’ll be doing with the game down the line. Speaking with the developers earlier this month for a feature on the game for the Rocky Mountain News, they told me a bit about some of their future plans for the recently released game. Currently the game separates the act of creating and playing into two distinctly different modes, but initially Media Molecule wanted players to be able to jump from one to the other at any time. The developers found they couldn’t get that portion of the game polished enough in time for release so they ditched it. But Alex Evans, co-founder and technical director of Media Molecule, told me that the ability to pause play and edit in even the levels the game shipped with is something they hope to add to LittleBitPlanet down the line.Another feature that they hope to bring to the game is the ability to track your creations. The developer already uses an internal program, code named Plagachef, to track how often creations and levels are downloaded and used. Their goal is to eventually make that data available to the public, Evans told me. He also said that they’re already looking at releasing new levels, stickers and content for the game as DLC, making the idea of a sequel “fluid.” Perhaps LBP will be a game that never gets a disc-based sequel, but instead thrives on its episodic content. Little game, Big ideas, Planet of possibilities [Rocky Mountain News]


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