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The Future of DLC Is an Expensive Place

Illustration for article titled The Future of DLC Is an Expensive Place

You've probably seen that famous Mona Lisa Photoshop that shows how downloadable content has evolved in games over the years. The image has gotten yet another update to show our grim DLC future.


While not brand new, the image continues to float around internet bulletin boards like 4chan and 2ch. In case you missed it, here's a previous update the image got.


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Any game that advertises DLC within the games menus during the first month is an offender. Any game that advertises DLC during gameplay itself (not including loading screens) is the work of the devil.

Offering an area within the game where you can purchase DLC on the fly isnt bad as long as the player is made aware that this area exists, I.E. using real world money to quickly level up and gain weapons because youre too much of a shmuck to earn in game coinage. But don't give me a door to a new area and charge me to open that door.