The Future of Crayons Ditches the Placemats, and the Fun

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Crayons have been around in one form or another since the time of the ancient Egyptians. But there hasn't been a major tech breakthrough for the stick of colored wax since the 19th Century. Until now!


No longer will children be forced to color on placemats, bits of scrap paper from mom's purse or the construction paper. Thanks to Griffin Technology and the iMarker, coloring has gone high tech. The company's $30 digital crayon may require an Apple iPad to use, but it does let you do things like create your own drawings, color them in and even use more than one color.

Think about it! More than one color! And the best part, the digital crayon, available soon in a soulless grey, won't melt or smell funny.


"Coloring as kids know it is about to come alive in an amazing new way through our partnership with Griffin Technology," said Warren Schorr, Head of Crayola Licensing. "Imagine a coloring book that morphs and changes as kids digitally color it in. This application is taking a classic play pattern and bringing it totally outside the box."

No word yet if coloring outside the box will be available at launch.

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John Smith 1882

Colouring on paper is great because you could make a mother's day card, a nice drawing for your elementary school crush or decals and give them to someone. How will we give out the new-fangled high tech drawings? No way in hell will anyone be able to afford giving an iPad away every time. Most likely you can e-mail your art to others, but where's the joy in that? Plus you can't stick your iPad on the fridge with magnets to display your work to the world like with good ol' drawings on real paper.