To: Bash & Luke From: Maggie Subject: Don't mind me, I'm merely drowning over here

Well, summer is quickly coming to a close, as the academic year starts up in a few weeks. I have 40 finals to grade by tomorrow so I can finish off the summer session, then it's back to the grindstone. I'm usually not a huge procrastinator, but I put off a lot of reading for my Japanese history exam — so I'm now on a strict regimen of 1500 pages a day until I'm done. I am, however, going to take my dog down to the giant off-leash dog beach this week to blow off some steam and get some fresh air. I also made the mistake of taking a look at my fall schedule yesterday, which made me want a very stiff drink. I'm trapped on campus five days a week thanks to beginning Korean classes, and much of the rest of it is spent running from one end of our (very large) campus to the other in the span of 10 minutes. I'm starting to TA in earnest this year, and kind of looking forward to that. Wonder if any Kotakuites will be in my sections? It was a slow weekend since Owen was off, but here's a sampling of what you may have missed: WoW is a Dirty Word Mario-Inspired Jazzy Song Hits Indie Scene Some New Halo 3 Achievements Unveiled Licensing Blasts From the Past: Nintendo 'Saving the Day': Save Systems and the Real Life of Gamers