The Friggin First Five Minutes Of Guns, Gore And Cannoli

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If you’re a horde of undead looking to devour the living, maybe don’t do it in a 1920s city run by the Mafia.

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Released for the PC back in April, the Xbox One last week and the PlayStation 4 when it feels like it, Guns, Gore and Cannoli is a game about what happens when the zombie apocalypse arrives during the height of Prohibition in a fictional place called Thugtown. Those poor, poor zombies.

What’s the Steam page gotta say about it?

Welcome to Thugtown circa 1920, the height of Prohibition.

Prepare yourself for a non-stop, action-packed, completely over-the-top, fast-pased, platform game. Set against the gangster heyday of the roaring twenties. Lose yourself in an exciting, elaborate tale of the underground and underworld. Experience friendship, betrayal, vengeance, and witness first hand the rise and fall of a criminal mastermind.

This is survival horror, wiseguy style... Capiche?

Leave the gun, take the cannoli... actually, on second thought, take the gun and eat the cannoli, you’re gonna need it.


Guns, Gore and Cannoli was developed by Crazy Monkey Studios and the Claeys Brothers. I will try anything developed by something called Crazy Monkey Studios.

The First Five is the first five minutes of a game with light commentary. Once the five minutes are up, so am I.

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I’ve been playing this game over the last few days. It’s pretty damn fun so far and it has a nice challenge to it. Recommended to those on the fence!