The Free Madden Winner is — Probably Not You

Not unless your name is Taylor H. He was chosen at random from more than 500 correctly answering entrants, the Charger fan living in Eagles country - Lancaster, Pa., to be exact - took home my copy of Madden NFL 10.

More than 800 answered yesterday's trivia question, 300 of them incorrectly. The player on the left side of the screen at 0:59 of this video, helping Kellen Winslow from the field after 1982's "Epic in Miami" is none other than left tackle Billy Shields, No. 66, a sixth-round draft pick from Georgia Tech.


"I'm a 49ers and Chargers fan," not an Iggles partisan, Taylor writes. "For college football I like Michigan. I know, strange I don't like any of the local teams and believe me I get tons of crap from my family for liking Michigan over Penn State."

Well, you can wave around your copy of Madden NFL 10, and tell 'em answering questions about John Shaffer never won nobody nothing.

In the footage, Shields is wearing a helmet and his number is partially obscured, so we had plenty of incorrect answers. The most common wrong answers were defensive end Leroy Jenkins Jones, defensive tackle Jimmy Webb, and center Don Macek. Some also answered "Eric Sievers, WR, Maryland," which is correct - for the guy on the right side of the screen.


Thanks to all who entered. I've never been more delighted to see an inbox jammed with 800 "SUPER CHARGERS!" greetings.

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