Taco Bell Monstrosity Puts Everything In One Order

The El Todos was a special food "Piñata" sold only once at a single Taco Bell. If your Spanish isn't up to scratch, El Todos means "The All", or "The Everything". You can probably guess by now what was inside it.


Everything was inside it. Every ingredient Taco Bell offers, from containers (burritos, tacos, etc) to meats to beans to cheese, everything went into the El Todos, and one "lucky" guy got to eat it.

But not before Taco Bell's official tasters and judges - the folks who decide on what goes on the chain's menu - could get their mouths on Mark Wilson's (pub trivia: formerly of Kotaku.com!) creation


It sounds horrific, but I want this so bad. Taco Bell doesn't really exist in Australia, but what we call "the works" - a pizza or burger where everything a store sells is thrown on/in it - is a cultural institution. So maybe that can be their "in".

I Built A Crazy Food Piñata At Taco Bell, Then Sold It To Somebody [Fast Co]

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If only I liked Taco Bell and they weren't owned by Pepsi...