Hot on the hooves of last year's successful Little Maddie Cthulhu Pony campaign, Bigshot Toyworks prepare to unleash the most adorable instruments of destruction ever. Meet the Four Horsies of the 'Pocalypse.

The adorably squid-headed Little Maddie (as seen on io9) was just the opening act to Bigshot Toys' tongue-in-cheek My Little Pony parody, the mentor to the four pale horses (well, three and a friend) that aim to bring about the end of the world.

First up is Raven, the equine embodiment of Famine.

Nothing says evil like purple and green. They're the official colors of evil in the Marvel Universe for good reason. I guess the exposed muscle and bone help too. What a cutie.


Next up is Calamity, which is the most pony-name possible for an apocalyptic horse-person.

Calamity is the embodiment of Pestilence, hence the gas mask. The CDC has nothing on her. The gas mask is removable, by the way, revealing a tasteful skinless skull beneath.


The least pale of the pale riders, Clash signifies War, and by "signify" I mean "is."

I love the spiked tail band, and that helmet is to die for. Speaking of which...


Ghost, the only male character of the bunch, can kill with a touch, a handy power considering his role as Death, but no fun at parties. Ghost is an alicorn โ€” a combination unicorn and pegasus โ€” which technically makes him a princess. And what a pretty, pretty princess he is.

Bigshot just launched a Kickstarter to bring these four to life (or as to life as dead-looking horses can be). They're looking for $60,000 to get things started, with a $100 pledge securing a set of four cuddly vinyl harbingers of the apocalypse, which isn't bad for a set of four limited edition custom vinyl figures. Each figure stands about four inches tall (their mentor is six inches), with articulated jaws and ball-jointed heads.


I love these little monsters. Finally a way to combine my appreciation of happy ponies with my love of all things dark and mildly evil. They're going to be my friends until the very end of days.