The Folks Behind DMC And Enslaved Are Making a Mobile Game

Illustration for article titled The Folks Behind emDMC/em And emEnslaved/em Are Making a Mobile Game

I love Ninja Theory. Not only was it my favorite elective in college, they make some pretty wonderful action adventure titles, filled with expressive characters, quirky humor and Dante fan hate. Now they've partnered with Chillingo for Fightback, an 80s-style action game for Android and iOS.


Boasting a "revolutionary touch-based combat system" as many mobile games have before it, Fightback looks like some sort of beat-em up, which isn't the sort of game that made me fall in love with Ninja Theory, but I'm willing to give it a chance. At least they still haven't figured out how to keep a camera straight. It's part of their charm, along with large, watery eyes.

Ninja Theory and Chillingo will be showing off Fightback at E3 next month, so expect more then.

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lol down to mobile games, and I love how the media is still sticking with them, everything they do is an instant success for them, even though their games range from normal to lacking and the sales numbers shows.

at this point they will be making FB games and the gaming sites will still praise their failures