The Flash's Best Character Has A Leeroy Jenkins Moment

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Super-genius, gamer and lover of all things geeky, Cisco “Vibe” Ramon is our best friend in the Arrowverse. He’s the kind of guy I’d love to hang with, as long as he doesn’t go full Leeroy like he did last night on a regular basis.


For reasons best left in spoiler territory, last night’s episode of The Flash begins with Cisco controlling a hologram version of Barry Allen in pursuit of a vehicle involved in a high speed chase with the police. As the bad guys near a tunnel where the satellite-projected hologram won’t reach, Cisco pulls a clutch move, shouting the battle-cry of the bad World of Warcraft player.

We’re almost through season two of The Flash, and Cisco remains my favorite part of the whole expanded DC television universe. He names the bad guys. He techs the tech and he geeks the geek so well that all the geeks say “Damn.” Later in last night’s episode he gets to break out “Epecto Patronum.” I say we crown him our king.

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I love Cisko, but the best parts of The Flash remain all the roles that Tom Cavanagh plays.

Wells: “Well, Ramon, you have the wand?”
Cisco: “The one I made for Mark Mardon?”
Wells: “No, the one you built for the Harry Potter convention. Yes, of course, the one you built for Mardon.”
Cisco: “How do you know about the Harry Potter convention?”
Wells: “Get the wand. Get on the roof.”