I can’t believe this is true, but: Dragon Ball is back, and it’s better than ever.

Dragon Ball Super, the new DBZ TV show that takes place after Goku defeats Majin Buu, started airing in Japan last weekend. As a result, English fan translations are also floating around. The first episode clocks in at about 24 minutes, and while it’s mostly set-up that catches us up on what the gang is up to now, it’s still a blast.

The premise is this: it’s been six months since the defeat of Majin Buu. The Dragon Balls were used to erase people’s memories of the entire debacle, so nobody really remembers Buu (though he still exists). During this period of world peace, the cast of Dragon Ball has gone on to lead more or less normal lives. This is what the episode grapples with—no huge dilemmas or intense fights, but rather, what happens in the world of Dragon Ball when there’s no impeding threat?

Here are my favorite parts of the Dragon Ball Super premiere. Spoilers, obviously!

Goku as a farmer


[Image source: @mozyao_bear]

Now that Goku doesn’t have to save the world from maniacal villains, he’s taken up a new profession in order to provide for his family. It’s...kind of hilarious. I’m surprised he doesn’t use his powers or immense strength to tend to the land by hand!

The best thing about this is how quickly he stops working and just lets Goten handle the truck. How old is Goten, again?


[Image source: @re_tan93]

This doesn’t exactly go well. Not that it was going well to begin with, really:


[Image source: @j06sev]

Chi-Chi is (still) the best


[Source: @merrittkopas]

These screenshots kind of speak for themselves: both Goku and Goten know that, regardless of how many super saiyan levels they achieve, Chi-Chi is actually the strongest person in the entire world. You tell em, girl.

Goten and Trunks get Videl a gift


[Source: @jokiupmnhy]

Gohan and Videl are about to marry each other. Goten, being family, knows that he has to give the couple a wedding gift. Except...he doesn’t really know what to get them.

Enter the ever-mischievous Trunks with a bright idea. Together, the pair set off on an adventure to find the perfect gift for Videl, and it takes them everywhere from a jewelry store, to fighting a giant snake. In the end, they settle on getting her some water from a river—it’s said to have rejuvenating properties. This superstition is proooobably bullshit, but still: it’s fun to watch these two interact. The little brats are so charming. I could watch an entire show that just follows these two and their misadventures.


Gourmet Dining

[Image source: @BlueThaLight]

Remember Beerus? Well...he’s back. In this first episode, we see him judging the culinary delights of some foreign planet. Chefs and cooks from around the world whip up the best dishes the planet has to offer, all so that Beerus can judge their creations.


The verdict? It’s too greasy, he says.

[Image source: @phoenix_jp2]

Greasy food is apparently a big enough deal to blow up half of this planet. I shit you not.


[Image source: @ikuEnoch13]

The entire thing is really silly, and it’s hard to take Beerus seriously, even if he can destroy entire worlds. Still, I love it.


The adventures of Mr. Satan and Majin Buu

[Image source: @hiron_r_2]

Mr. Satan is full of so much shit. That hasn’t changed in Super, but now there’s a new twist: Mr. Satan is stuck taking care of Majin Buu. And Majin Buu is basically a giant child. I look forward to seeing what hijinks result from this pairing.


Some extra observations and thoughts:

-Super is supposed to override some of the decisions in GT, but the showrunners have kept the more boring rendition of Gohan intact so far. Boo.


[Image source: @kazu_spikejr]

-The episode opens up with Goku making fun of Vegeta, but overall, there’s not enough Vegeta in this episode. There’s not enough Bulma, for that matter, either.

-The citizens of Earth award Mr. Satan with a TON of money for supposedly defeating a threat against earth. We all know, of course, that he didn’t really do jack shit. He does have a conscience, though. So he ends up giving the money to Goku. Goku, being such a family man, uses this as an excuse to get the hell out of there. Best dad ever. But it gets better! Somehow, Master Roshi is able to sense Goku’s cash acquisition—and then this happens:


[Image source: @tagoal]

He’s asking if he can use the money to buy dirty DVDs. Never change, Master Roshi.

-Wait, Yamcha isn’t dead?

Dragon Ball Super airs on Fuji TV every Sunday morning in Japan.