I love obscure video game music (hell, I used to run a segment here devoted just to that) but I'll be damned if I'm not surprised at the esoteric stuff that's out there.

In the video above, Shane Luis of Rerez has a great breakdown of five of his favorite esoteric video game tunes, and what their context in history is. Hey, he even gave some love for Wild 9!


Here's a link to the songs in his video for your listening pleasure.

1. Black Knight 2000 - Main Theme (Original Arcade Pinball Machine)

2. Wild 9 - Menu Theme (PlayStation)

3. Captain Blood - Main Theme (Atari ST)

4. From Dust - Main Theme

5. Snatcher - Twilight of Neo Kobe City (MSX2 version)

You can follow Shane on Kinja. Got a favorite obscure game song? Post it in the comments!

via Rerez

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