The First Unofficial 'Steam Box' Will Launch This Holiday Season Starting At $1,000

Illustration for article titled The First Unofficial 'Steam Box' Will Launch This Holiday Season Starting At $1,000

Xi3's Piston—the first unofficial Steam Box console—will launch this holiday at a starting price of $1,000, the hardware manufacturer announced today.

If you preorder it before March 18, you'll get a $100 discount.

The Piston is the first PC designed specifically to play games in your living room using Steam's Big Picture mode. Valve is helping finance the machine, although the Steam makers are developing their own Steam Box that will also be released this year, according to Valve boss Gabe Newell.


"Clearly, the computer/video gaming market is huge, both in the personal computer and traditional console markets," Xi3 CEO Jason Sullivan said in a press release. "That being said, we believe there is a crying need for a machine that captures the best of both worlds, with the upgradeability of computer gaming rigs and the design and form factor of consoles. We believe our Piston Consoles do exactly that-deliver the beauty and small size of consoles with the upgradeability of computers."

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All the die-hard PC gamers say console graphics are shit compared to PCs, but they forget that it takes a $1000+ PC to stably produce the quality graphics they speak of. Then they try to justify the cost with the "savings/sales" steam have when SEN & XBLA have same weekly.

IMHO: I don't get what the big deal is here. I'd rather have a PC that runs all games on the highest graphical settings than to settle for something in between.