The First Things I Did with My PlayStation Vita

The PlayStation Vita won't officially be out in the United States until mid-February, but I got one today.


It's from Sony. It's not a Japanese unit. I guess it's an American one? They say it's not necessarily final. They haven't set it up to connect online, for example. Its services are not up and running. Well, sure, it's December, and I've got this thing in our New York office. I can't have it all.

Who cares what this non-final Vita can't do? It can do plenty, including—this is important—play video games.


As I do with any new system, I've spent part of my afternoon prying at hatches, pressing buttons, and nosing around. And I can't break a new portable in without seeing which pockets it fits in. You can witness all that and more in the video above. Yeah our Brian Ashcraft already showed you his Japanese Vita. But this one is in the United States of America (in New York City, to boot (in my back pocket, to be even more specific (but not while I'm sitting, typing this))).

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Speaking of backsides, am I the only one worried about how dirty the back of the Vita looks? Had a lot of fingerprints on it! The touch panels must be getting a lot of use!