The First Sexy Pics of the PSP 2

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The Playstation Portable 2, codenamed the NGP, is a sexy beast packed with touch controls, dual analog sticks, a sexy OLED screen and built-in 3G.


And just look at it. You know you want to caress it. But you can't, not until later this year.

Until then stare... and stare.... and stare.


Can someone explain what is so impressive about it? Everyone is orgamsing over a Quad core portable gaming device where we don't know what the core's are clocked at....

We saw one screen shot.... Very little on the specs.

People or orgasming over just an announcement yet not actually hard Evidance of the system.

Its not even new techology. Remembe the DS and pictochat? And how some games collected data? So what exactly is impressive of this 7 year old idea?

I want to see games in action before I'm excited. Right now I'm much more excited for the 3DS, 3D gaming, 3D movie's with a hollywood partnership, beautiful graphics that come close to the 360 (R.E and a few) Wait till games later in the platforms lifespan.

What looks good on paper doesn't always look good in action, and vice versa. I love my PS3, but handhelds have never been sony's fontier. I remember badly wanting a PSP then being let down by it.

I'd rather have a handheld that does more, has more, and gives the biggest bang for not your buck (as money is no issue for me) But the biggest bang for your time and will offer the most entertainment.

From the video they introduced to us, they seem to be taking the playstation move approch with the system, while 3DS shows Nintendos return to their commitment to the hardcore gaming crowd. Also the 3DS has a more impressive line up of high profile devolpers which is also a huge selling point for me.

I'm not trying to sound like a fan boy here, I am strictly trying to go by what we know, what we've seen, and the reality of our options beind 3Ds or NGP. As a current student in Unversity taking a programing class, I want to see the numbers and the games than "lookie here" statements. Sony has ALWAYS made bullshots pre-platforms launch. Remember the PS2? Ps3? oh well....

Thats my 2 cents for now!