Just as the first global mission for Pokémon Sun and Moon was a failure, the first mission for Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon was also, well, a bust.

From November 16 to 11:59pm on November 27, players had to catch a total of 10 million Pocket Monsters. They came up way short, and the final result was 5.4 million caught Pokémon.

Here is how the official Pokémon site portrayed the failure:

Unfortunately, the goal for the ‚ÄúCatch a lot of Pok√©mon!‚ÄĚ global mission wasn‚Äôt reached. A huge thanks to everyone who contributed their Pok√©mon tally in an effort to catch 10,000,000 Pok√©mon worldwide in Pok√©mon Ultra Sun and Pok√©mon Ultra Moon. But not all is lost‚ÄĒeveryone who added their Pok√©mon to the count will receive a participation prize of 1,000 Festival Coins (PGL members will get 2,000 Festival Coins)!

Check with the global mission receptionist in Festival Plaza to receive your participation prize.

Good luck next time, Trainers!

There’s always the next mission.