The First Global Mission For Pokémon Sun and Moon Was A Failure

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The goal was for players around the world to catch 100 million Pokémon in Sun and Moon. They missed that mark by a lot.

The first global mission kicked off on November 29 and ended on December 12. Here’s how the English language Pokémon page portrayed it:


Just missed! So you’d think they caught like 85 million or something, right? Sadly, no. Here’s how the Japanese page recounted the result of the first global mission:

It says that 16,423,231 were caught out of the targeted 100 million. Below that, it reads, “Result: Failure.” Below that, it drives the point home, stating, “Unfortunately, the result of the first Global Mission was failure.” (Note that in Japanese, this is called the “Global Attraction” and not the “Global Mission.)

As Kotaku readers point out, the inability to reach that magic number was probably due to participants having to register on a website for their stats to count towards the goal. Many players probably had no clue they needed to do that!


But don’t fret, there’s another Global Mission later this month, which will hopefully be successful.

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