Something is wrong with Uncharted 3. The big PlayStation 3 action-adventure game coming out on Nov. 1 from the folks at Naughty Dog did not earn a perfect 10. Uh-oh. The people from GamingEverything tracked down a copy of Playmania, a Spanish magazine that has reviewed the game.

Apparently, Playmania detected a flaw of .1 proportions. What ever could it be? Is hero Nathan Drake's shirt not half-tucked properly? Is the game's initial load time, if it has one, three seconds too long?

Maybe the game's competitive multiplayer is broken to a .1 extent (perhaps it's awesome but the framerate drops once every 23 hours?). It could be that the game's co-op mode includes too much of the color orange or the campaign just might not provide an explanation for what happened to that train that fell off a cliff mid-way through Uncharted 2. I don't speak Spanish. I don't even have a copy of Playmania, so I do not know.

All we know for now, people, is that something, or, more specifically, a speck of something, is wrong with Uncharted 3. Way to rush out an imperfect game, Naughty Dog.

We'll be reviewing the game on Kotaku eventually, as long as you readers believe we should still pay attention to this obviously flawed PlayStation 3 exclusive.


First Uncharted 3 review is in [GamingEverything]