Earlier this month, Katsucon went down at the National Harbour resort in Marlyand, just outside Washington DC. There was loads of great cosplay, but since I'm in the middle of a "best in cosplay" series on Fancy Pants, haven't been able to get to it in that weekly gallery.

So in its place, here are some videos shot on the convention floor and surrounds, showing some of the insane costumes people put together for the event. Video games are represented heavily, of course, but they're not the only costume of choice, so if you don't recognise some of the characters, well, that could be why.


Three of these clips are the work of photographer and cameraman Ackson Lee, the other MLZ Studios.

WARNING: While these clips look great, you may want to mute them.

KATSUCON 2012 FANVIDEO 1-3 [NEXT DAY EDIT] [YouTube, via Fashionably Geek]