The First Five Minutes Of Transformers: Devastation: So Far, So Good

I was a little worried about not being able to get my hands on Transformers: Devastation until launch day. After playing for five minutes, everything is just prime.

For starters, the game has Transformers in it.

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What, that’s not enough? Weird.

Okay, it’s got good the good Transformers in it, voiced by the original cartoon cast (well, the surviving cast). Megatron has a stupid plan, Starscream isn’t sure about it, and the Autobots arrive to save the day. So it’s just like any episode of ‘80s cartoon.



The action is fast and fluid. The camera can get a little crazy at times, but I’m willing to trade a little wonkiness for full 360 degree camera control.

And about five minutes after the video ends I fought Devastator. So there’s that.

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Non-fans might want to hold out for more in-depth impressions. Right now I’m a bit overwhelmed by nostalgia. In the video I was too busy geeking out to follow simple on-screen button prompts trying to teach me how to combo and used ranged weapons.

As for fans approaching my level of fervent devotion, the game features collectible Kremzeeks. If you don’t have to Google Kremzeek, this is probably a game for you.


Hey look, it’s that opening cut scene I skipped.

The First Five is the first five minutes of a game with light commentary. Once the five minutes are up, so’s the video.


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I’m trying to avoid pulling the trigger on this one based on nostalgia alone. BUT MAN it is so hard not to. Mainly I’m curious about the combat system? Is it more button mashing heavy, or is it deeper like we would expect from platinum? Also is there going to be a demo for us to try?