The First Five Minutes Of Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters

What can the first five minutes of a video game tell you? We're about to find out with Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters, a new visual novel adventure available today for the PlayStation 3 and Vita. Here goes 300 seconds of something.


From the game's official description: "Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters is a strategy/visual novel game set in the bustling city of Tokyo. As a newly transferred student at Kurenai Academy, you're given a tour of the school by the class president. Things suddenly take a turn for the eerie when a mysterious ghost appears in front of you! Before you can blink, a strange woman in a suit approaches and asks you to join a ghost hunting team called Gate Keepers…"

The game comes from Guilty Gear creator Arc System Works, which explains the heavy electric guitar riffs laying about everywhere. Otherwise the first five minutes of the game don't tell us much, leaving me and I am sure many others curious as to how we go from there to this:

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All I can say for sure is this: You won't be filling out spreadsheets within the first five minutes of Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters.

I've a feeling we'll be revisiting this one at a later date. For now, here's the official site with more.

The First Five is the first five minutes of a game with light commentary. Once the five minutes are up, so are we.



Now I wanna play Danganronpa 3...

Can anyone suggest to get the PS3 or Vita version? I also can't decide to get Akibastrip for console or go handheld. Hmmm...