The First Big Video Game Console, Now The Latest Tiny LEGO Kit

With it's sexy wood paneling and those iconic controllers, the Atari 2600 is one of the most readily recognizable pieces of video game console history, even when it's only 3.75 inches wide and built entirely from LEGO pieces.

Minature LEGO maestro Powerpig adds the Atari 2600 to his lineup of purchasable kits, joining other seminal electronic devices like the original Mac, the Polaroid camera and my personal favorite, the Commodore 64.


So many memories captured in those tiny blocks. In an age where Microsoft and Sony are preparing to add a pair of black boxes to the annals of gaming history, it's nice to take a trip back in time to the days when distinctive design was as important as processing power.

Powerpig sells the kits for these on his website, linked below, with instructions available online once the bits have been purchased.

My First Game Console: Pixel Edition [Powerpig via Technabob]

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