I figured the release of iOS 7 with game controller support would be accompanied by a blast of press releases from every major peripheral manufacturer, showing off their entry into the newly-opened market. So far all I've seen is a tease from Logitech and this, an accessory that transforms your iDevice into a controller sandwich.

It's called the GameCase, it's made by a company called ClamCase, and it reminds me a great deal of Razer's Edge, the tablet gaming PC with the handlebar dock. I don't know about it.

I mean, it looks like it could control some games, but I've heard absolutely nothing about this product. There's a flashy website with a list of features, many of which (accelerometer, HD graphics) are features of your device, not the GameCase. It's got testimonials at the bottom of the page that read like PR people trying to be gamer dudes:

"Well, I know what I want for my birthday. Playing games like Call of Duty: Strike Team and Madden on this is going to be insane!"


Both Call of Duty: Strike Force and the latest iOS Madden games share a heavy focus on touchscreen controls, so I don't know what "Stephen" plans on doing with this on his birthday.


There's no price, no release date — just an area where you can sign up to register your interest. There is a promotional video, but it's just images of the device with heavy electronic music, so that's no help.

Right now the GameCase seems like a rather elaborate way to shout "First!" without much to back it up. I fully expect the big boys — Logitech, Power A, Mad Catz, SteelSeries, Nyko and the like — to start trumpeting their iOS controllers any day now. I'd advise waiting, but since that's all you can do anyway, I don't need to.