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The First 3D Pin-Up Photos For The Nintendo 3DS

Illustration for article titled The First 3D Pin-Up Photos For The Nintendo 3DS

If the success of Julie Watai's 3D photos are any indication, this could be the start of something big.


Watai, who is a photographer herself as well as a pin-up model under the name "Ai Amano", decided to offer 3D cheesecake photos as a free download. In the first two days they were available, the images were downloaded 52,000 times!

"I'm a photographer and I've long been interested in 3D pictures," Watai tells Kotaku. "I wanted to see what it was like to use the game machine I'm most into, the 3DS, to display my photos!" Last year, Watai published a successful photobook called "Hardware Girls".


The images were created in collaboration with Japanese figure artist Kaz Asada. Apparently, standard 3D camera software makes it harder to stealthily retouch images - meaning that while this could be a possible cash-in with pay-for-pics, the lack of a Photoshop safety net could scare some idols away.

Those interested in viewing the images, download this file. On your computer, open the file and copy the folder titled "DCIM" on an SD card. Then insert that SD card into the Nintendo 3DS and launch the photo application.

Nintendo 3DS Sexy gallery di Julie Watai: la nostra giapponesina preferita! [Hobby Media via Kotaku Japan] [Pic: Kotaku Japan]

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Downloaded these a few days ago. Any mpo files work with the 3DS, really.

Those bubble photos really mess with your eyes, though,